Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where The Wild Things Are Woodland Nursery

While it's been 'forever' since I have posted, I had some people asking for photos of our nursery. 

My baby shower was woodsy and I couldn't wait to decorate the nursery in the same fashion.  To give it a dose of unique-ness I decorated it heavily in a Where The Wild Things Are (my fave children's book) motif.  I also studied tons of tree murals to decide what I liked and didn't like about them, and came up with what I feel is a really great looking tree- brought to life with the help of a good friend and a husband who painted his fair share of leaves that day. ;]  No one let me stand on a ladder- I would like to thank them for that now!

I also hand-painted the type paintings with some of my favorite lyrics that spoke to my love for my unborn baby boy.  I hand stenciled each letter one by one- so they aren't perfect- and that's what I love about them most.

The wooden plaques have my hand chosen scenes from WTWTA screen printed onto them. The best parts of the room are all of the little gifts that man cub was given from family and friends.  He loves looking around his room and he's so happy in there.  
I show him around the room and love telling him "See this tree? Mommy painted it to watch over you. See this quilt?  Grandma made this for you because she loves you SO much." I know it isn't so much the 'things' that make him happy but that his room literally surrounds him with so much love. 

The woodland height chart was a gift from my friend's mom- it's so adorable!  It even has a removable hedgehog to climb up the measurements.

Husb custom designed and built the closet 
(the white box shelving + boxes on the bottom right are from Target). 

We've added a few things since the baby was born- I'll update soon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

I wanted to share some pictures from our gender reveal party!!

We invited our immediate family and a few close friends over, to find out if BB Larson was a girl or boy.  We opted to not let the group grow huge and out of control.   I wish we could have had all of our friends and family there, but that would have just been crazy.  I didn't want people to think we were trying to be greedy and have two showers or anything.  We just wanted to share the fun of finding out with a few loved ones. 

We had our results taken by special early-results ultrasound technicians and sealed into TWO envelopes. WITHOUT PEEKING, we took one envelope to a local bakery and asked them to make a cake, with either PINK filling or BLUE filling.  The other envelope stayed sealed until after the cake cutting at the party.  You basically open the second one at the party, after cutting the cake - just to make sure the bakery made the cake the right color.  How confusing would it have been if they didn't match?!  
Thankfully, our results were right on!

Yea... Not opening this 2nd envelope was akin to waiting for Christmas morning as a child. ;]

I made moustaches and lips as fun party props!

Eric drilled holes in some mini-masons and I cut pink and blue fabric to decorate the jars.

 What would a party be without a pretty dessert table??

Champagne and sparkling apple cider with "team-pink" and "team-blue" ribbons 

Time to guess

   We decorated the night before.  We ended up throwing the party at the Husb's parent's house because we had some MAJOR plumbing issues happening at our house.  Luckily my in-laws are super nice and they didn't mind us crashing their house, hanging things all over their ceiling  and inviting a group of people over...  

By the time the day arrived, I was soooo excited to find out!  I can absolutely understand that for some parents, waiting until the birth adds a ton of excitement- but we could NOT wait.   There was just no way.  It was hard enough waiting until the party!  

Some of the guests joined in the fun of wearing pink if they were guessing it was a girl- and blue if they were guessing it was a boy.  I know it's a little gender stereotype-y, but oh well- what'erryagonna'do...

Now came the fun part.  Cutting the CAKE!

Baby...  is... a... BOY!!!

 It was such an emotional moment...  I immediately started crying(and I know I wasn't the only one).  Suddenly I was spinning and STUNNED with emotion, and Eric leaned in and gave me a big ol' kiss, with tears in his eyes as well...

Yea.... We're both crying;]  Happy tears of joy!

It does feel different once you know what you're having.  Little things we were imaging before all became a little clearer, while it opened up brand new doors of daydreaming.  
Suddenly everything felt... Like..  Really... Really... Real! 

We love you already little one! 

October can't arrive quick enough! 

And for the record, my baby boy...  Mommy guessed right.  ;]


Saturday, June 22, 2013

That time I got pregnant and disappeared from the internets for a while...

Hello internets...

It's been a little quiet around here!  And by HERE, I mean the blog. Although I haven't been writing much, we have been very busy.

We're having a baby!  I'm already 24 weeks along.  Reasons for disappearing?  I don't think I knew how to start to write about my pregnancy.  Biggest reason/confession?  Worrying I would jinx it by telling the world.  I am SO happy to finally become a momma that I felt like I needed to just put all of my energy into taking care of myself and my body for a while.  Little one, we are so excited to meet you.  I can't believe how much I love someone that isn't even here yet.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Examining The Life Of The Woo Girl - GGA Monday's Musings


Today, I thought it might be interesting to examine the life of the illusive Woo-Girl. I believe the term was first coined in one of my favorite episodes of How I met Your Mother.  This categorization has gone on to become an important tool in their detection, which is an important life skill, if you wish to refrain from becoming affected by or afflicted with the species' vapid and most peculiar social behaviors.

Although not difficult to spot in the wild, you need to know the signs in order to be prepared for 
a possible face-to-face interaction with the Woo-Girl.  

By far, the most famous and telling sign is their mating call. 
      Enthusiastically social creatures, Woo-Girls exhibit their excitement loudly and obnoxiously, and they make sure other mammals know exactly what they think is Awesome.  The most entertaining part of this creature is that they think everything is Awesome! We are to know that they are having fun because they scream "WOOOOOO!" repeatedly in unison with their pack which consists of a minimum of at least other 3 other Woo-Girls.  This, along with booty-driven dance moves and flailing arm movements - the kind which seem to be only fully mastered by ex-cheerleaders and baton twirlers.

The majority of Woo-Girls range between the ages of 18-35.  After the age of approximately 35, they mature ever so un-gracefully into their full blown leopard print wearing cougar-dom.  Notice the Woo-Girls dancing to Rihanna,  Kelly Clarkson and the Black Eyed Peas.  Do you see the women dancing to  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Matchbox Twenty and Bon-Jovi? Those are the Cougars.  It's important to note the difference
 between a Woo-Girl and a Cougar. Oftentimes, the similarities are very difficult to distinguish.

These creatures form large flocks, composed of dozens or even thousands of Woo-girls at a time[see: Justin Beiber live], managed by a complex government that perplexes scientists alike to this day.  WG communities are typically headed by a queen, whose function in life is to flaunt her mammary glands in order to acquire free martinis for her herd, which in turn ensures the survival of the colony.  Male Woo Girls- or Bro's as you may know them, have only one goal in life: mating with the queen. After they have performed their duty, they may die.  Or more commonly, stop calling back.  Bro's are typically known to buy large trucks, and show bouts of physical power [such as bar fights] to attract the female WG.  Both sexes of this species spend hours upon hours carefully grooming themselves to achieve the EXACT same look as their pack members, possibly to also remove small ticks and other insects.

Woo Girl colonies bring great devastation to bars across the country. Sightings occur in many parts of the world, but today, WG's are most destructive in the metropolitan regions of and San Diego and New Jersey.
The Californian Woo-Girl is also notorious. Found primarily in trendy bars near college campuses, they infest hundreds of clubs and are said to be able to cover at least one-fifth of the Earth's land surface. Aside from the nuisance factor, Woo-Girls are the primary carriers of some of the world's most deadly diseases.  While it is known that they survive primarily on 1/2 off appetizers and fruity Cosmo's, they also ingest high volumes of lettuce, Red Bull, Balance Bars and Vitamin Water.

So you wanted to try a new bar, and unknowingly stumbled into a Woo-Girl's hive:
the arid environment of a douchy, tasteless bar in Los Angeles. Immediately, you will spot a drink known as a fishbowl.  It is, literally, a fishbowl: filled with vodka, accompanied by about 8 straws, topped by a floating plastic shark that most certainly contains BPA.  Woo-Girls are like Honey Badger, in that they don't give a shit about industrial chemicals.  Or anything else.

It's important to remember that Woo-Girls are not domesticated.  They are dangerous, wild creatures that cannot be trusted.  

Woo-girls are opportunistic drinkers, fond of brightly colored free shots, and mind-numbing television programming such as The Bachelor.  It is important to note that they do not watch these shows ironically.  Because of these risk factors, WG become highly destructive roommates and horrible long-term mating choices. They're very expensive to maintain, practically impossible to put up with, and they need a stream of constant attention and reassurance.  This is something that one needs to consider before befriending or marrying a Woo-Girl, which is obviously not recommended by professionals.  

The only silver lining to that overly glittered, Hollister wearing, flock of Woo-Girls in your favorite bar, is that they are a reliable source of entertainment- if you enjoy people watching.  In addition to this, they always have extra body spray in their faux Louis Vuitton.
All Woo Girls need alcohol to breed, so population-control efforts usually involve removal or price-raising of all local Happy Hour and Jello Shot sources.  However, our combined efforts to stop the spread of Woo-Girls are having little to no effect, and many specialists in the field predict that global warming as well as the opening of new BJ's restaurant locations will likely increase the overall Woo-Girl population.