Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GGA 'How to' Tuesday : Memory Box - Greece and Turkey Vacation

GGA "HOW TO" Tuesday
GGA Memory Box 

♥ What you will need : ♥                                   
♥  A case/box

♥  Primer                                                     
♥  Paint                                                   
♥  Tangible memories  

My husband Eric and I were lucky enough to go on a beautiful vacation to Turkey and Greece with his family a few months back.  I came home from our holiday with more than just pictures~ I had accrued loads and loads of tactile little pieces of our vacation that had built up in the bottom of my backpack throughout the trip.  If I wasn't knee deep in the Mediterranean sea hunting for sea glass, I was constantly picking up rocks from ancient ruins, acorns from the trees growing on sacred grounds, and saving all of my ticket stubs from all the exhibits we saw.  You aren't technically supposed to take the rocks.  Yea, I know this.  If you could see the "junk" that the locals dump out into the water that magically turns into treasure for someone like me, though...  Bits of their white washed walls ('construction trash'), and Grecian colored dishes that have become worn with time in the sea (broken dishes ~ AKA 'restaurant trash').  For me, they were simple little treasures, now worn smooth by the waves, and a budget conscious way for me to remember the trip of a lifetime.             

{{Martha Stewart paints have a variety of finishes, so you can give it a nice gloss or crackle. }}

First and foremost, treat your wood with a paint primer.  Your local JoAnnes has many primers to choose from, as well as simple primers you can get at places that sell custom house paint like Home Depot or Lowes.  Let that sit for a good 24 hours.  I wanted the colors that I painted on the outside of the box to coincide with the feeling of our trip.  I decided to pick colors that reminded me of the ocean, as we had spent half of our trip on a boat sailing around the islands.  I  found two colors that reminded me of the sea and surroundings we had spent time in, that also worked well with one another.  After the primer was dry, I painted the inside with two coats (always let the first coat dry thoroughly) and propped it open to dry for another day.  The third day, I then painted the outside of the box.  Two coats, with a few hours in between each coat.

This is a very simple project, and helped me to organize something that could easily look very busy or cluttered, into something totally cohesive.  It makes it feel a little more memorable, and it's super inviting for house guests to dig through and play with.  Way more interesting than sitting your guests down with a stack of blurry photos of you in front of two hundred different columns and statues of men with their ding dongs broken off.  Happy crafting!

~c a m i l l e


  1. I do believe memory boxes are one of the sweetest projects anyone can make. When you tire of it, down into the hope chest it goes to be talked of another day. Lovely box. Hugs. Tammy

  2. The memory box looks great! Amazing idea.

    I just foudn you through etsy. New follower.
    If you can, stop by my new blog The Art of Crafts: http://a-arte-do-artesanato.blogspot.com/

  3. Really cute idea! Love the color you painted the box :)

  4. I love this! It's so pretty! I have a way of collecting knick knacks, so this is a great project for me!