Monday, October 31, 2011

{ Happy Halloween! }

How was everyone's pre-Halloween weekend?!  I apologize, I was a little MIA over the past week.  I had a vacation from work, and I also took a bit of a vacation from writing, cooking, crafting, and taking pictures as well.  It wasn't too much of a 'vacation' in the relax-and-put-your-feet-up sort of sense, but my husband and I got a lot done around the house, that we had been putting off meaning to take care of for a while.  

Actually, we were supposed to be in New York last week, but due to some unforeseen financial expenses, we cancelled our trip. :(  Our sweet little kitty Penny Lane who is not even two years old yet, became deathly ill and she needed some exploratory surgery immediately.  There was no question to  us, that we needed to take care of her instead of taking a trip to the East Coast.  So!  We stayed home, and took care of kitty, and took care of the house.  She is recovering soo well, and I thank all of our friends for their good thoughts and prayers during her surgery.  One day, ONE day I will finally make it to New York.  It is pretty frustrating though, that something seems to always come up!  

My costume this weekend, was an apocolyptic zombie slayer.  One that isn't a very good killer though, check out my wounds ;)

I will post a zombie makeup tutorial as well.  It was actually really easy, and way more realistic looking than the plastic wounds they sell at the Halloween store.  Be safe out there trick-or-treating with your kiddies tonight.  Can't wait to see everyone's costumes!

[[ { Zombie slayer and GaGa } ]]

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