Friday, December 23, 2011

My coworker, the ever adorable desk dwelling 'Cleveland Jermaine Hoggle III' got festively dressed up for work today.  He wanted me to make sure to tell you that he hopes you all a safe and holly jolly holiday,  and a gnometastic New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is my office being cute!

 We had a work party in our office (overlooking LAX) last night.  I think my little office cleaned up real nice!  

{{ So did my sweet husband, didn't he ;) }}  Tre' festive!  Cheers!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

{GGA} 12 days of Christmas [Decor]

Okay people!  Have you climbed down from the rafters with your dusty boxes filled with spiders decorations yet?!  

Whatcha' got going so far?!  

How do you decorate your digs during the holiday season?  Do you find yourself conforming to current trends?  Do you love the traditional feel of a real green fir tree and an assortment of handmade and/or sentimental ornaments or are you a fan of tree 'themes', changing them from year to year?  

{GGA} 12 days of Christmas{{ [Decorating] }}
{{{{Shades of Green}}}}

{{{{I Love COLOR! [AKA] ...I can't decide.}}}}

{{{{  Traditional Tones  }}}}

{{{{  Dreaming Of A White Christmas  }}}}

{{{{  A Retro Teal Sorta Feel  }}}}

{{{{  DECORATE?!?!  I just want treats!  }}}}

{{{{  Sassy Silver!  }}}}

{{{{[Naughty, naughty...]Coal for Christmas!}}}}

{{{{  Glitzy Gold }}}}

     {{{{  Handmade Hottie Hostess }}}}

 {{{{  Party In Pink }}}}

 {{{{  Purple Festivities }}}}

Friday, December 9, 2011

{For Santa} Friday

Dear Santa...  

"The list" begins with blue suede shoes.  
I know, it's a bit strange, but I've been a really good girl this year.
 Plus I think they'd be super fun to wear.
  I'm not a trend follower.
 I like to be a little strange unique.
  Although I'm a fan of flats myself, the heels are also snazzy.
For someone else.  Who, um.  Likes heels a lot. :]

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{{ [ Novembah's Recap ] }}

  [[  November came and then it went. ]] 

{{{{  Here's how your reading time should have been spent ;)  }}}}

[[ [[  some of the more interesting posts from  N O V E M B E R  below  ]]  ]]

[[[[{{[[ Zee happenings happened.  Here's what went down. ]]}}]]]]

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{{Tuesday's}} [Treasuries] featuring GGA {The month of November}

GGA is/was honored to be among these other beautiful handmade items in the month of November :)  Thanks for the love, guys!

Luurrrrvveee this teal color!! [[BELOW]] (if you can't already tell from my website)

I love her title- a great Winnie the Pooh quote (below)

Thanks to those who feautured my little rings in their treasuries, it makes my day every time...  

{{{{  [[  [[  + Many thanks to those out there supporting handmade  +  ]] ]] }}}}