Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where The Wild Things Are Woodland Nursery

While it's been 'forever' since I have posted, I had some people asking for photos of our nursery. 

My baby shower was woodsy and I couldn't wait to decorate the nursery in the same fashion.  To give it a dose of unique-ness I decorated it heavily in a Where The Wild Things Are (my fave children's book) motif.  I also studied tons of tree murals to decide what I liked and didn't like about them, and came up with what I feel is a really great looking tree- brought to life with the help of a good friend and a husband who painted his fair share of leaves that day. ;]  No one let me stand on a ladder- I would like to thank them for that now!

I also hand-painted the type paintings with some of my favorite lyrics that spoke to my love for my unborn baby boy.  I hand stenciled each letter one by one- so they aren't perfect- and that's what I love about them most.

The wooden plaques have my hand chosen scenes from WTWTA screen printed onto them. The best parts of the room are all of the little gifts that man cub was given from family and friends.  He loves looking around his room and he's so happy in there.  
I show him around the room and love telling him "See this tree? Mommy painted it to watch over you. See this quilt?  Grandma made this for you because she loves you SO much." I know it isn't so much the 'things' that make him happy but that his room literally surrounds him with so much love. 

The woodland height chart was a gift from my friend's mom- it's so adorable!  It even has a removable hedgehog to climb up the measurements.

Husb custom designed and built the closet 
(the white box shelving + boxes on the bottom right are from Target). 

We've added a few things since the baby was born- I'll update soon.

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